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WEEK 1: January 7-11, 2018

Monday, 1/7

Tuesday, 1/8

Wednesday, 1/9

Thursday, 1/10

Friday, 1/11

What is entre-preneurship?

Initial ideation

Ideation 2 /

Initial Team





Different Types of Entrereneurs Design Thinking Industry Perspectives Defining the Problem Product Spec
Science Based Eship Jobs to be Done Attractiveness of an Idea Market Segmentation When to Fake or Make It
Panel: If I Can Do It, You Can Do It Pure Tech to Market Building a Team Personas Making + Eship



Eship Skills Set Improv Training Speed Dating Ideas Beachhead Market Product Brochure
Fair of Eship Prototypes Design Thinking Speed Dating Ideas Primary Market Research Prototype Plan

WEEK 2: January 14-18, 2018

Monday, 1/14

Tuesday, 1/15

Wednesday, 1/16

Thursday, 1/17

Friday, 1/18

Morning Lectures

MLK Day NYC Fieldtrip



Go To Market & Mentorship

Company Identity Wisdom of Finance Getting First Sales
Stuff Happens Business Ethics Scaling Sales
Company Pivots Financing Sources Mentors + Advisors

Afternoon Workshops

Human Resources Financial Literacy First Customers
Identifying Key Hypotheses AMA Sales Training

WEEK 3: January 21-23

Monday, 1/21

Tuesday, 1/22

Wednesday, 1/23

Where Do We Go from Here?

Office Hours

Final Present-ations

Morning Lectures

Eship is Not a Straight Line Fireside Chat + Q&A Fireside Chat + Q&A
Eship Beyond the US
Overview – MIT Resources

Afternoon Workshop

Fair of MIT Resources