6.906 (U) / 6.936 (G) | 6 Units | P/D/F

Who is eligible to participate in StartMIT?

Any current student who is curious about entrepreneurship looking for an introduction to the skillset and spirit it requires. This is inclusive of undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-docs.

Can I apply if I am not currently enrolled at MIT?

Yes. We will consider non-MIT students if space permits.

Do I have to have a startup idea to participate?

Absolutely not! This is meant for anyone that is curious to learn more about entrepreneurship in general. Whether you are just curious or have an idea and are ready to go, this course will allow further exploration. Whether you wish to utilize an entrepreneurial skill set to be a founder, work in a lab, invest, pursue a side project, or dive into the corporate world, we believe this will be beneficial in each of those pursuits and welcome you all!

What are the logistics of StartMIT?

  • StartMIT is a course that takes place during IAP, every weekday (except for January 20, which is an observed holiday) from January 7 – 22, 2020.  
  • The day begins with a light breakfast and networking at 9:00 am, typically includes five talks or workshops, a one-hour break for lunch, and concludes by 4:00 pm.
  • StartMIT will be held on campus, location TBA
  • All full-time participants are eligible to apply for our field trips to New York City in January and to San Francisco during Spring Break.

What can I expect to learn and who can I expect to hear from?

We will give you a crash course in entrepreneurship, including an introduction to the skill set and spirit it requires. We hope that by the end of the course you’ll have a better understanding of your desired entrepreneurial path, and also the resources available to support you in that journey at MIT and beyond.

You’ll hear from a large number of both faculty and practitioners from the Boston ecosystem and beyond. You can view all of last year’s speakers and schedule here and here.

What’s the difference between a full-time and part-time participant?

Full-time participants are expected to attend the entirety of the course from January 7 – 22.  The only optional requirements are the field trips to New York City and San Francisco. Full-time participants are also expected to submit a one-page reflection paper and give a short presentation at the end of the course (on January 22). Other benefits of full-time participation are a guaranteed seat in the classroom and a mentor assignment.

Part-time participants will not be eligible for: mentor assignments, the New York City and San Francisco field trips, or a guaranteed seat in the classroom.  Part-time participants must provide a schedule of their expected participation before the course begins.

We strongly encourage all participants to commit to the course full-time as that’s how you will receive the most benefit, but we understand that is not possible for everyone, which is why we provide a part-time option.

Can I take this course for credit?

Yes, but that is not required.

What is my mentor for?

All full-time participants will be eligible to be connected to a mentor. You will be matched to a mentor based on your industry or field of interest. A mentor’s role is to guide you through the course: to answer questions that arise throughout your time in StartMIT, and provide feedback on any entrepreneurial idea you want to pursue. They will make themselves available up to three times throughout the course of the program (either in person or remotely).

What is the application deadline?  

11:59 pm on Sunday, November 24, 2019

When will I know if I’m accepted into the program?

Before the end of day Tuesday, December 3, 2019. Accepted students will need to confirm participation by the following Tuesday, December 10th.

StartMIT sounds awesome!  Where can I apply?

Right here

I have more questions.  Who can I contact?

Email us at startmit@mit.edu